I did not screenshot the question but it says
Given $y = md5($x.strrev($x).$x*$x^$x.($x%$x)+9*4/$x)
Find $x if $y = 43a87a86ea9aee0255325e2865d6b503
also it said something about rockyou which is a dictionary used for cracking password, can download here

i just used php script that availble on the net and modified the md5() part, here the script

r0x@b0x:~$ php md5.php 43a87a86ea9aee0255325e2865d6b503
Match found! 0.00250270100394 = 43a87a86ea9aee0255325e2865d6b503
Found in 28.564929008484 seconds